Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I do this from time to time: transfer what I've written in my paper journals to a public forum. If I think it's noteworthy ( to me, anyway, since I write for myself first and foremost ), I'll share. So today I feel like sharing.

2:43 PM


First of all, a window decal seen on a parked vehicle today while going to my therapist's office: "When life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold." I think that one's going to stick with me a while.

Had a productive session today, which included a few minutes of meditation practice. That really relaxed me and put me in a more receptive frame of mind to watch The Secret.

Man. It is so simple. The Law of Attraction. Visualization. Thoughts create reality. Follow your bliss. I am feeling more free at this moment than I have in quite some time, and it's not because of anything anyone else has done for me. I merely opened up and made myself available. There is abundance in the universe. All is energy; we are star stuff. What an amazing thing to realize.

Everything is going to work out just fine. And I will succeed beyond my wildest dreams of avarice, positivity, health and wealth. Wealth, to be understood, is not merely about the money in the bank. ( Money. Hah. Right. ) It is all things in harmonious relationship with all things. The only evil is that which I have done to and attracted to myself. I had made myself a vessel for the pain, fear, calamity and poverty in my life. Time now to heal and become the joy and gratitude and love and success I have fleetingly glimpsed in my life. I made myself a slave and victim to jealousy, disbelief, negativity and all that has kept others ( and myself ) in a shell of restriction, puritanical fear, moral ambiguity...

As of now, I master myself and I shall manifest all that I truly desire. I am growing hungry for it again. And I always want to be hungry. I want true happiness in my life again.

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