Saturday, June 12, 2010

Huanying, huanying

Dajia hao!

You know, I've had an online journal for a number of years, and have filled volumes of paper journals for a couple of decades, at least. A lot of pontification, a good deal of kvetching and spewing nonsense, and some creativity and clarity went into those volumes, but it's been mostly for my own purposes. A number of people, good friends and passers-by, have been privy to my expressions and impressions. I've made some folks happy, I've made them think, I've made them uncomfortable. And I'll tell you why.

Though I've learned to exercise some restraint in what I reveal ( for instance, a lot of the heavy stuff remains in my handwritten journals ), I tend not to sugarcoat anything. I'll shoot from the hip, I'll let raw emotion come out, I'll be absolutely honest. A lot of people won't do that. I also have a penchant for the slightly ridiculous, the absurd, the elusive and hidden truth, and the snarky and the witty and the lighthearted. There's not a great deal of self-editing going on when I start writing. After all, this is a personal blog, not the National Geographic. But my audience, such as it is, are bright and smart and perceptive people. There's not much I need to explain to them.

That said, I hope you'll follow along with me while I jot down the events and observations for posterity. Give me your input. Cheer me on. Say hello.


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